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About Us

PATH TRAVEL PERU is Peruvian tour operator founded 14 years ago, by an entrepreneurial couple that belive in sustainable and responsible tourism. Offering the traveler unique and unforgettable experiences, that include cultural immersion as the essence of a journey.

We believe that tourism is an economic activity that promotes sustainable development in five distinct pillars: the economy, society, the environment, culture, and peace, becoming an inclusive activity that generates benefits for those most in need, while respecting the customs and traditions of the people.

Why travel with Path Travel Perú ?

PATH TRAVEL PERU is the trail, the route, the way, to follow through history, traditions, customs, Andean medicine, Andean religion, beliefs and Peruvian gastronomy. We are more than a travel agency, we are part of unique travel experiences. We have extensive experience in organizing trips for groups, individuals, families, tailor made trips, academic trips and faculty led programs, we work with important universities and international study abroad programs.

From the high mountains of the andes to the most exotic beaches of the Pacific, passing by the wealth and the biodiversity of the low jungle to the agricultural wealth and the microclimates of the high jungle, illustrating the megadiversity and multiculturality of our Peru. Path Travel Peru has all the resources to make a trip a unique experience.

Mission & Vision


We are a company who promotes sustainable tourism, with good ethics and social responsibility. We guarantee safe, unique, and unforgettable experiences to our travelers



To become an agency of innovative trips and a promoter of inclusive, educative, cultural, social, and responsible tourism.


- Honesty

- Teamwork

- Respect for People

- Communication

- Respect for the Environment and the Community
- Leadership

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